110 Bishopsgate

110 Bishopsgate

At the beginning of 2015, we were invited to tender for a number of high and low level window cleaning opportunities in partnership with Incentive, one of them being the iconic 110 Bishopsgate building, formerly Heron Tower.

Incentive were the incumbent provider of daily cleaning services but did not hold responsibility for the vertical cleaning tasks on site. As part of the contracts re-tender the client, Cushman & Wakefield, decided to combine the services.

As Incentive at the time did not have any self-delivery capability for vertical cleaning were we invited to submit a proposal. Out of 4 proposals received by Incentive, ours was regarded as the most thorough and accurate. We worked closely in partnership to develop a winning proposal for the combined contract and together we were successful in securing a three year contract.

We approached the challenge of improving the productivity of the site team by adding a fourth site based ‘static’ window cleaner to the team and adopting a Tuesday – Saturday standard week for two of the team to ensure out of hours tasks could easily be completed in line with a very robust and tight schedule.

The feedback received was that this was an entirely unique approach and aided us in providing a competitive proposal that fit the clients budget whilst being confident we could complete all the works without paying or billing overtime constantly.

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