We offer a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service to the highest standards using a wide variety of equipment, chemicals and cleaning methods

We are able to provide our services out of normal working hours to minimise any interruption to the client’s workplace

Regular carpet maintenance programmes available

By choosing a regular cleaning and carpet maintenance programme, you could more than double the lifespan of your commercial carpet and make considerable replacement savings

  • Bonnet Buffing
  • HOST Dry Extraction
  • Wet Extraction

Equipment used includes industry standard Powr-Flite and the latest HOS Orbot bonnet buffing machines.



Chemicals Used:

Microsplit – For use as a spot cleaner or pre-spray. Separates soiling, safe to use on wool. Microsplit is an amazing formulation for use as a spot cleaner or pre-spray when cleaning carpets and upholstery. Separates soiling without use of harsh chemicals. Enzyme free, no detergents, colourless, odourless, no optical brighteners, solvent free, safe to use on wool

Catalyst – Neutral pH cleaner, deodoriser, protector and drier for carpets. With an added disinfectant. For use with rotary systems.

Catalyst is a neutral pH cleaner, deodoriser, protector and drier for carpets with an added disinfectant. For use with rotary systems. Carpets are dry within an hour, soft to touch leaving a natural orange fragrance. Also an excellent pre-spray for the bonnet buffing method of carpet cleaning

Environ HP – encapsulation cleaner that assists in making the HOS system complete. When you combine the Environ HP green cleaner with our exclusive orbital drive technology and bonnet pads you will attain tremendous soil extraction, fast dry times, no reoccurring stains, and a healthier environment for homes and commercial settings.